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The Pinnicle Approach

Action-oriented meeting
An action-oriented meeting -- Whether in a small group or large one, when we meet with our clients, the focus is on making things happen rapidly.  We initially gather information in order to become intimately familiar with our client’s business. Then we  move quickly to begin making a difference.

At PMA, our objective is to help you succeed in your business by assisting you in assessing risks and opportunities facing your business in the future, and by helping you implement plans that address and overcome those risks.  See our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Risks versus Success:
There are three basic sources of risk, or three approaches to success, depending on your point of view.  A given company might succeed based on superior performance in at least one, but ideally will excel in at least two of these three areas: 

Management: Superior overall management of strategy, process implementation, financial control, and decisions regarding deployment of core competencies.  Decisions to outsource skills or functions not critical to develop and own internally.

Technology: Superior product offerings, with innovative functional benefits or performance. Superior utilization of technology and tools.  Strong tracking and leverage of associated industry and technology trends.

Marketing: Superior understanding of the true market requirements and associated “problem/solution” opportunities. Appropriate market strategy, based on niche domination or market penetration of a growth market.  The application of best practices in development and communication of the value proposition -- e.g. the unique selling proposition (USP), leveraged to attain a sustainable competitive advantage. Optimization of the combined routes-to-market, understanding the efficiency of each, based on selling costs versus market reach, penetration, and customer satisfaction/loyalty.

Working with Us:
The typical process begins with a formal business plan which includes in-depth research of market potential, an analysis of competitive actions and strategies, development of action plans, and an implementation schedule.  A formal Business Plan serves as a resource for securing commercial and private financing, and for conveying information to key employees and other stakeholders. Next, we determine which of the three areas listed above are the strengths (or potential strengths) of the company, and which we should focus on to maximize sustainable growth and profitability.

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