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Today businesses seem to operate at an increasingly frenetic pace. With the advent of the Internet, competitive pressure is growing, often from another continent, or from new companies who seem to set up shop literally over night. Competing in today’s marketplace requires operating with a global perspective, and with high-performance execution, at Internet speed.


We are Pinnicle Management Associates, a consulting organization dedicated to working with high-performance businesses seeking to grow in new directions.  Our specialty is the high-tech sector.  However, we’re ready and able to serve other industries as well.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Q: Is your company facing new competitive pressures?  

Q: Is your marketing mix right?

Q: Are you seeking new approaches to improve your bottom line?

Q: Do you ever wonder if you have an accurate sense of the market needs in your category?  Are you moving fast enough to capitalize on the latest market trends?

Q: Do you wonder if your product and service offerings are too narrow in scope or are too broad to maintain proper focus?

Q: Are you comfortable that your current offerings (products and/or services) have a sustainable competitive advantage?

Q: Are you confident your strategy will drive your company toward future success in your industry faster than your competitors, increasing your market share and net results?

Q: Are you taking the right risks, and eliminating or significantly containing the others?  Are you leveraging you current core competencies as key strengths?

Q: Do you wonder if your organization could deliver improved results with specific coaching to create high-performance teams?

If any of these questions have triggered a concern, or made you consider the possibility that your business could be planning or executing more effectively, perhaps we can help. The links above and to the left will help you navigate through the various areas of our web site, where you’ll learn more about our approach. We look forward to serving you.

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