The Competitive Edge:  Marketing

Competitive advantage that’s dependent on technological superiority can be fleeting -- companies regularly play “leap-frog” as product cycles result in the balance of power shifting to the firms with the most recent announcements. The same can be said for being differentiated based on price -- a competitor can erase such an advantage with the stroke of a pen on his price sheet.  So, how can a company gain a substantial competitive advantage? The same way companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel and many others do:  Through superior marketing.

Implementation of a successful marketing program, from strategy and tactics through complete execution, is perhaps the greatest challenge facing business management today.  Research completed by Pinnicle Management Associates indicates that the majority of businesses today do not fully understand the key elements necessary for successful marketing of their product and/or service offerings.

Understanding the key elements is just the starting point. The most important part is the successful execution of a marketing plan that addresses these issues, and to do so more effectively than the competition.

Our consultants provide expertise in strategy, positioning, message clarification and all other elements of the marketing mix. We not only can lead or assist your team in creating a winning strategy, but we have the know-how and track record of successful experience to implement aggressive marketing programs that will produce results for you.

Our marketing professionals are eager to help you establish a winning marketing presence.  We specialize in developing a global electronic presence for your company. All members of our team of professionals draw on their skills and experience to ask the right questions, help your team craft superior value propositions, work to build brand awareness and improve the delivery of  your marketing message to target customers.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us to arrange for a no-cost marketing evaluation and preliminary fact-finding session.

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