A division of Pinnicle Management Associates, Cornerstone Editorial Services is committed to improving written communication, both printed and electronic.

This is our specialty....our passion.

Professional writing:  Whether the material is  technical, nonfiction, or fiction, we can help. Books, periodicals, articles, white papers, documents, collateral materials, annual reports and even web-page content all are optimized when professional writing skills are applied.  When writing, we consider the content, communication medium and the target audience to ensure quality material with the highest readability and comprehension level. Well written text draws the reader in, making reading effortless.

Editing: Even the original text of professional writers such as novelists and newspaper journalists is improved through the editing process before final publication.  Cornerstone has over 20 years of experience in editing -- both technical and nontechnical content.  We deliver the best results in communicating your information.

Proofreading: The final step in delivering quality communication materials is proofreading of the documents to catch and correct errors that may have crept into the work during its development.  All major periodical and newspaper publishers use professional proofreaders to review and edit final copy prior to publication.  And yet, almost every day you can see grammatical and typographical errors in newspaper copy.  Our proofreading skills and attention to details result in delivery of the highest quality results.

For more information, or to obtain a quote for our services, please contact:

Michele D. Bartlett, Principal
Phone:  303-697-2959

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